Roofs & Metal Buildings

A radiant heat barrier that provides insulation and UV protection


One of the excellent uses for Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is a roof coating. The product forms a radiant heat barrier providing insulation qualities and protection from ultra violent rays. In addition, the ceramic insulating properties keep heat expansion and cold contraction of metal roofs to a minimum, thus, eliminating many causes of water damage, uncomfortable wind drafts or costly maintenance problems.


Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 may be applied directly over composites (i.e. tar roofing, asphalt, shingles, paint, etc.) with 100% adhesion and no chemical adverse effect. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 maintains its durability, tensile strength (ASTM D-882 TENSILE STRENGTH (LB/IN2) 66.7) and elasticity year round passing ASTM G-53 accelerated aging test over 200 hours.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to the dome of a famous restaurant on the harbor in New York, to impede further corrosion, stop water leaks, and provide energy saving insulation.

As noted, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100, may be tinted to color desired, while still maintaining its properties, in this case, the dome was painted white with red stripes.


Case Study #1

At Camp Casey in South Korea, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to Quonset Huts to stop expansion and contraction thus eliminating corrosion, providing insulating properties. It was applied in lieu of polyurethane foam, which is now considered hazardous waste when removed.

Photo: Quonset Hut after 16 mil application of Ceramic Cover CC-Systems 100 and tinting.


Case Study #2

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to public transportation buses resulting in cooler units. According to Georgia Tech testing, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 maintains a 99.61 reflectively with only a .039% transmission against radiant heat.

Photo: Ceramic Cover CC-Systems 100 reduced under roof temperature by 50 degrees F. An application of 20 mils. was done to reduce usage of polyurethane foam

Industry Applications:

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