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Eliminates radiant heat and impedes condensation in air ducts

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is an excellent application for insulation on HVAC Ductwork and Hot Air Duct. The product eliminates radiant heat on hot duct and impedes condensation on cold air duct. In addition, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 contains the temperature inside by controlling BTU losses

Furthermore, the elimination of fiberglass reduces the size of space needed for installation and totally eliminating hiding and breeding space of insects and rodent particularly in the food and beverage industry. Industry will not specify a latex coating on stainless steel ductwork, tanks, or containers. The chloride content in water based material causes an adverse reaction to stainless steel.

Although Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is a latex based product, the unique property is it contains only 22 ppm’s of chloride. Thus, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is actually a compliment coating for stainless steel. 

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 Safety Advantages for the Rail Industry:

  • Main cold storage area
  • Test room
  • The top of the Duro-rock above the test room
  • One (1′) foot above the test room
  • Four (4′) feet above the test room
  • Inside the panel insulation above the test room

The following are the test results as recorded at the prescribed time intervals:


Case Study #1

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to a stainless steel, hot air duct approximately 200ºF in a far north pulp and paper plant. Two coats or 40 mil application was applied to reduce the temperature to 105ºF and eliminated radiant heat.


Case Study #3

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to air conditioning duct. Elimination of condensation and temperature reduction of 8ºF.

Case Study #2

A 40 mil application of Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 on a 45ºF air conditioning duct eliminating condensation and reduced temperature by 8ºF in duct work.


Industry Applications:

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