Envirotrol, Inc. is the master distributor, technical representative and marketing representative for Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100, a sprayed applied, radiant heat barrier insulation system. Envirotrol specializes in all types of process equipment, vessels, tanks, piping and commercial applications including; food service, HVAC, electronic enclosures; etc. that are in need of of corrosion protection and insulation.

A Company Built on Service...

We provide personalize assistance to the client for proper design and engineering of their insulation projects. It is our mission to assist the facilities in selecting the most efficient insulation and corrosion protection for their projects. It is also out goal to offer the best service to meet the client's time frames for shut downs and repair work. With the ability to apply Ceramic Cover on their equipment while it is in operation, the insulation phase of shut down can be postponed until they are back up and running.

Certified Installers and Continuing Education...

Throughout our introduction of Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 we have expressed the importance of educating and certifying applicators certified by Envirotrol or Envirotrol technical representatives are qualified to use Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100. We will be happy to provide a list of certified applicators or information regarding Certification for your company. In addition, Envirotrol provides educational seminars and/or lunch and learn sessions which we perceive as the best way to answer regarding Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100's qualities as an insulation and protective coating.

Ceramic Cover CC-Systems 100




Quick insulation of hot surfaces


Contains no VOC’s


Environmentally friendly




Low odor


Safe for skin contact




Resists growth of mold and mildew


Reduces thermal conductivity to insulate buildings


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